RIP Jay Adams.
Anonymous asked: What university are you studying at and what year? Raleigh is beautiful!

North Carolina State! I’ll be a sophomore this yr

wwavees asked: How're you?


Anonymous asked: Excited for school? Do you like Raleigh?

yea for the most part! living in a house instead of a dorm room is gonna be an entirely new experience & I’m stoked to see how it plays out

I love Raleigh but really wish it was just a lil bit closer to the coast

Anonymous asked: I fucking love packing

I thought packing for a dorm was bad, but packing for a four bedroom house is ridiculous.

so much stuff ! and such little room in the car

packings too stressful

back to Raleigh in the morning

send me asks so I can procrastinate a lil longer >:]


A fire hydrant refreshes youngsters on a hot day in Harlem, New York, 1977. Photograph by Leroy H. Woodson, National Geographic